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Just enjoy your website and
stop worrying about its performance – leave it for us!
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Websites from
  • built with Wordpress
  • domain for £1.99/year
  • SEO ready
  • social integration
  • website security
  • modern design
  • Analytics integration


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Starting at
  • one month for FREE when paid annually
  • 25% OFF any Web development services
  • 24/7 website uptime monitoring
  • full functionality checks


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We offer a price of

  • the price is for the first 5 hours of work if it takes more than 10 hours
  • the default price is £39/h
  • 25% OFF the default price if we already maintain your website


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Websites from £299

Features: built with Wordpress, domain for £1.99/year, SEO ready, social integration, website security, modern design, Analytics integration

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Custom solutions from £999

We create custom websites using the most trending and fast-growing laravel framework. Contact us to get the personal quote.


Simple is beautiful and customers don't want to be flummoxed by complex or distracting features. A great website is clean, beautiful to look at, optimised for a clean user journey and embedded with the functionality that the customer wants to use. The simpler and cleaner the site, the easier it is for clients to find the information they are looking for.

At Pixsens Services we offer beautifully designed, robustly built and expertly optimised digital services that deliver tangible, bottom-line benefits to your business.

Our programmers are adept at adapting your website to work across smartphones, tablets and all brands of digital device - adapting animation, function and visual elements for a perfect user experience.

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It's simple to have a website – contact us and we will do the job!

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separator line Starting at £59/month
  • get one month FREE when paid annually
  • 25% OFF any Web development services


Even the most robustly-built, beautifully designed and future-proofed website will rapidly age and lose its value without an ongoing programme of maintenance and upgrade. Your new business website is your platform to e-commerce and your window to the digital world - so it's vital to continue to invest in this core marketing, sales and engagement channel.

We offer a range of specialist services to help you to do just that. Whether you need single and discrete pieces of one-off upgrade work or an ongoing retainer package to provide continuous review, development and evolution of your digital assets, we can help - with quality services delivered at cost effective prices.

From software updates through to backups, and from analytics through to link checking, we can take care of your website's ongoing maintenance, administration and update needs, so that you maximise the return in your digital asset.

Our web maintenance and upgrade services include:

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The prices are for basic Wordpress website and may vary depending on a website technologies, CMS, complexity, traffic etc.

Contact us to get a personal quote.

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Web Development

separator line We offer a price of £29/h

if we already maintain your website or for the first 5 hours if the work takes more than 10h.
The default price is £39/h


We specialise in finding and fixing the issues with your website quickly as well as developing new functionality or upgrading existing ones.

Languages, CMS'es and frameworks we mostly work with are:

For a successful business website, you need to ensure that functionality, design, user journeys and content are all optimised - giving your customers a superb, seamless experience that quickly takes them to the content they want to see.

Similarly, with technologies constantly evolving, we can manage the ongoing development and upgrade of your site to meet emerging standards and make it all the more engaging for your customers - whether this means improving loading times, correcting errors, creating a plug-in or functional module or migrating your servers or CMS. Our professional and expert team can deliver against any of your requirements, and will also make recommendations for development work as required.

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Contact us for any help with your website.

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